Chapter 3

Computer Graphics History Resources

A Brief History of Computer Graphics

Fantastic Resource from the COMPUTER HISTORY MUSEUM

CRT Technology

CRT for Broadcast History:

Early Television History

Television Character Generators

Early Video Games

Tennis for Two


SpaceWar! is played about 13 minutes into the following video, but the entire clip has some great computer history.

Game play:


Pioneers of Computer Art

The Digital Arts Museum

Ben F. Laposky

Lillian Schwartz

Ken Knowlton

A. Michael Noll

Historical Figures in Generative Art — A. Michael Noll by Druid
*This writer has a number of great articles on the topic of Generative Art Pioneers.

John Whitney

The following clip includes a great discussion of the computer capabilities, real-time vs computer time and render time

Paik Nam June

The Computer Image

Generative Content Creation

Chromata by Michael Bromley

Fluid Experiment by George Corney

Biomes by Marpi Studio

Particle Love by Edan Kwan

Crayon Codes

The examples at the three.js homepage

Game Engines for Film Previs